Armenia presentation

Welcome to the republic of armenia. Welcome to Armenia guys! I’ll be your personal guide here. Great! We’ve heard a lot about this ancient country. Ok! Let’s. Also I would like to present you the capital of my country – Yerevan. And now I want to show you Armenian national costume. Do Armenians like dancing? Oh yes, the Armenian dance has been one of the oldest. Kochari duduk. Shalakho. What is the name of the instrument that man plays. It is the oldest Armenian instrument called Duduk. Armenians is a. And what about Armenian food? Yeah ! I want to taste the food of Armenian national cuisine. These ladies are. Great! I got so many impressions from this country ! The next time we’ll certainly come here with our friends. Thank you for your attention ?

Yeah! And now we have a nice opportunity to appreciate it’s beauty .

And now I want to show you Armenian national costume.

Sure! I‘m also hungry. Let‘s move !

You’re always welcome ! Armenia is open for everybody each season of the year !

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