Around the world in 80 days

Around the World in 80 Days. Jules Verne. Modified by Megan Burd. Chapter. The year was 1872. Mr. Fogg was an interesting man. He lived in England. Mr Fogg. To win the bet, Mr. Fogg had to be back on December 21st. Mr. Fogg got on a train. The first stop was Paris. From Paris. While on the. Mr. Fogg gets to see the Red Sea on his way to Bombay. Soon he saw the Indian Ocean and reached Bombay and India. In India, Mr. Fogg got on a train. The next stop was Calcutta. Calcutta. Soon, the ground was so rough the train could not continue. Mr. Fogg finally reached Calcutta. The next destination was Hong Kong in China. On the way to Hong Kong, Mr. Fogg stops at a city called Singapore. Soon Mr. Fogg gets to Hong Kong. He thinks it is an interesting place. The next destination. Soon, Mr. Fogg arrives in Shanghai, Japan. The next part. It takes 11 days for the ship to reach San Francisco. The detective followed. In America, he stops in Utah. They also stop in Nebraska and Illinois. In New York, Mr. Fogg missed the boat to Liverpool. Mr. Fogg takes over the ship and drives it to Liverpool. When they arrive in Liverpool, the detective arrests Mr. Finally the. Mr. Fogg walks to the reform club because he thinks he has lost. Mr. Fogg won his challenge! He won money. More importantly he gained knowledge.
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  • Around the world in 80 days
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