Art, Literacy & Learning

Art, Literacy & Learning. By. What’s so great about art? ? ? Art promotes Hands-On Self-Directed Learning. Art engages Children’s Senses. In Open- Ended Play. Art Experience develops specific skills Cognitive Emotional Social Multi-Sensory. Eric erickson’s building. The art & literacy connection how does it happen? ART BUILDS Spatial Relations & Visual Literacy. Common elements. Language Lines Shapes Letters Words Sentences. Common elements lines & shapes. Art promotes print awareness. Art promotes symbol awareness. Year old. Art Enhances Eye – Hand – Brain Coordination. BioColor Bird Prints combine 1 footprint + 2 handprints. Art Enhances Verbal & Visual Creativity. Art Builds Aesthetic Awareness & Self Esteem. Art is a language not a decoration. Meaningful art experiences provide children with AUTHENTIC SELF EXPRESSION The freedom of choice. Children who are involved in the arts imagine. Thanks for your attention .

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