Articles and determiners

Articles and determiners. Articles A/an. To talk about a particular unspecified entity e. In definitions. Articles the. To talk about things which are unique. With names. With names of rivers (the Mississippi). The forest. To make generalizations about classes of things using a singular countable noun e. Zero article. Before the name of an individual person or place e. With name of holidays, special time of the year.

In definitions or to say what is typical of a particular class of things: e.g. A corkscrew is a gadget for getting corks out of bottles. 4) To refer to a person's previous, present or future job: e.g. She was a company director when she retired. 5) To refer to a particular example of a product of a certain producer or a work of an artist: e.g. I've just bought a Mercedes.

With names of cinemas (the Odeon), hotels (the Hilton), theatres, museums, newspapers and magazines, ships, organizations, galleries (the National Gallery).

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