Assignment on transportation, fleet management and route planning

Introduction. Task. Modal rating. Road transport advantages and disadvantages. Rail transport advantages and disadvantages. Water transport advantages and disadvantages. Air transport advantages and disadvantages. Route planning. Documentation. A. Total cost. B. C. Detailed Driver “1” driving and resting time. Detaled Driver “2” driving and resting time. Detailed Driver “3” driving and resting. Detailed Driver “4” driving and resting. Detailed Driver “5” driving and resting. Detailed Driver “6” driving and resting time. Detailed Driver “7” driving and resting time. Detailed Driver “8” driving and resting time. Detailed Driver “9” driving and resting time. Total cost of transport. Comment. Sources.

Freight transport - in current economy very common term that defines a large circle of operations that are performed against the output of manufacture to delivery to consumers. In choosing one or the other road transport company proposed transfers are valued important factors such as the price of transport and service assurance. The most important factors of availability are:• delivery time;• reliability;• carrying capacity;• accessibility and security.

Carriage price region is tariffs, minimum weight, loading conditions, packaging, disturbance (congestion), delivery time, damage to cargo transportation and special services provided during transport.

A cement factory in Varsóvia makes daily deliveries to 8 customers in the central and northern areas of the country. The cement is packaged in bags of 50kg. Each customer receives one or more deliveries of 20-ton truckloads of cement. The deliveries are carried out between 08h00 and 17h00. The material is currently loaded overnight at the warehouse in Varsóvia and the vehicles depart from 04h00 onwards in order to ensure that the first deliveries take place from 08h00 on.

Transportation is important to the public. It creates and reflects our way of life and culture, contributing to the country's economic development. The functioning of society depends largely on the quality of the transport sector.

The material flow logistics movement is ensured by transport. It determines the material flow speed, reliability, and its protection.. At present, the choice of mode of transport in the transport of goods, there is less attention paid to the cost of transportation, as for price-sensitive continuous movement of the material flow from the producer to the consumer, which can only fast and reliable cargo transportation.

For proper selection of the mode of transport of cargo transportation is the responsibility of transport - forwarding company employees have a duty to choose the mode that best adapted to carry traffic. In order to properly choose the type of transportation, it is necessary to assess road, rail, water and air transport advantages and disadvantages, and compare them.

One of the most important road qualities - its maneuverability, It's because cars can carry loads regardless of the length of lines (you can carry the coating-free roads and off-relief). Often road transport is a transport process is completed, the cargo is delivered directly to the recipient.

The main road pros and cons presented in Table 1.

Table 1 Road transport advantages and disadvantages

Great maneuverability. The ability to deliver goods door-to-door.

Great flexibility. Cargo acceptance, release, transport terms and in terms of vehicle replacement.

High speed. The ability to quickly deliver goods door-to-door on a well-developed road network.

Low shipping risks. Loads semitrailers well protected from external environmental impact and theft.

Low idle and waiting times. Road vehicles quickly loaded and unloaded.

The ability to change the semi-trailer if necessary.

A small payload. Small usable volume compared with rail and water transport.

A significant influence of atmospheric transport. Poor weather conditions adversely affect the shipment.

Legal restrictions. Different countries limited the maximum vehicle length.

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