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Intraduction. The concept of rural tourism. Rural Tourism development assumptions and related theory. Rural tourism trends in Lithuania. Description of the homestead ,,At Šeštokas“. In the structure. Services. Advantages and disadvantages. Rural tourism in the development of perspective. Findings. References.

This paper will attempt to look at the concept of rural tourism, the development of assumptions and trends in Lithuania, to influence the development of this business. Make accurate predictions for the future is impossible, but with the general trends and prospects, based on the current and previous analysis, it really can be.

Objectives: 1. The concept of rural tourism; 2. Rural Tourism development assumptions and related theory; 3. Rural tourism trends in Lithuania; 4. Description of the homestead ,,At Šeštokas“; 5. In the structure; 6.Services; 7. Advantages and disadvantages; 8.

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