Audi corporation

Introduction. Strain of Audi. The Auto Union era. World War II period. A pause and new start. The four-ring badge. Modern era. Audi Quattro. Audi AG today. Most popular “Audi” Models. Inconclusion.

“AUDI” emblem is up competing in four rings, which presents four Auto Union brands. “AUDI” emblem symbolizes the reunification of “Audi”, DKW, Horch and Wandere.

Since the establishment of the Audi company was a strong competitor to other companies. These days, the streets filled with rolls of Audi's machine, the greatest proof that Audi is a respected and reliable company. In the bottom you see a short description of “Audi” company

 Business type: Public (Xetra: NSU)Founded in 1910Founder: August HorchThe central corporate headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany

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