Augustinas Savickas biography

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Augustinas Savickas biography.

A. Savickas biography, as well as his work is interesting, rich and colorful. The future artist was born on May 12, 1919 in Copenhagen. Augustinas Savickas father is a well-known Lithuanian writer and diplomat Jurgis Savickis. After his parents divorce, Augustinas Savickas with his mother returned to Lithuania in Kaunas. After school he studied at the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Geneva. After the war, he returned to Lithuania in Vilnius Art Institute studied painting with Justinas Vienožinskis and Vytautas Mackevičius. During 1951-1972, he lectured at Vilnius Art Institute. During 1985-1993, he worked in the capasaty of Professor of the Deparment of Painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Also, I have to say that Augustinas Savickas work evaluated by the National Culture and Arts Premium. Augustinas Savickas died on 24 June 2012 in Vilnius.

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