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Australia. Australia is the. Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia consists of six States (new South Wales. Currently, the highest post of the country belongs to the general Governor. Local people. The indigenous population of Australia-aborigines. Climate. A small continent. On the East. In the northern part of the Australian summer in Equatorial air mass prevails. The amount of. In the eastern. The largest lake. In Australia, the most abundant plant-specific endemic-only on the Australian continent. In the Central. Their roots reach even 30 m depth and if the cleaner sucks the water. Going into the deep forests of the continent's declining rainfall. Semidesert grow screb- very dense indigenous eucalyptus. Forests of Australia. Rich in various species of birds parrots cockatoo.

Australia is the Australian continent area 7 614 500 population number 19 913 144 Capital Canberra the biggest city Sidney urbanization 90%.

Currently, the highest post of the country belongs to the general Governor, as part of the British commonwealth, it is as usual the Queen of Australia is the Queen of Britain. The economy of the country is very well developed, a large part of the money received from the State budget for tourism, since a lot of people from all over the world, in spite of its considerable distance, coming to admire the exceptional landscapes of Australia and its characteristic flora and fauna.

The indigenous population of Australia-aborigines. It's black people, having come from Asia about 40,000 years ago, when a land bridge connected Australia with N. Guinea. The arrival of the Europeans, aborigines still lived in stone age conditions,.  They worked the land, don’t growed the animals, don’t build home- moving  from one place to another to avoid drought. Aborigines hunted, fished, collected wild plants and insects, have paid to create a scrap.

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