Australijos gyvūnai Australia animals

Australia’s animals. They’re unique. Australia has a. Koala. Koala live in. Kangaroo. Australia is also. Tasmanian devil. Tasmanian Devil is very dangerous animal with its mouth. Crocodiles. Crocodiles are all well-known Australian animals. Koala Tasmanian devil Kangaroo.

Australia has a lot of unique animals, because you can only find the in australia.For example neous, echidna, emu, kangaroo, panda, kvokos, Kookaburra, Australian pelicans, platypus, Tasmania devils, small Australian kangaroo, wombat and the Australian wild dogs are animals which you can’t find in other continents.

Koala live in the treetops. They are similar to the teddy bear because they have a large, black nose, gray fur and furry ears, but has a long, sharp claws.

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  • Australijos gyvūnai Australia animals
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