Automatinė pavarų dėžė Automatic gearbox

Introduction. Automatic gearbox weaknesses. Automatic (planetary) gearboxes. Gear lever control. A one-way coupling. Automatic gearbox multiple discs. Power flow. The oil pump. Conclusion.

On top of that, in cars with automatic transmission significantly reduces the transmission of dynamic load, lower (less junginėjamos drive, there is no "pergazavimų) of toxic substances in the exhaust gases. It is true that machines with "guns" the price is higher, they use a little more fuel. With manual gearboxes cars can operate more economically, but so Switch the gear requires more attention than the "automatic". Driving a car with a "machine" driver pays more attention to traffic safety.

The biggest drivers of the problem is the lack of attention to change the oil as "machines" and mechanical gearboxes. Mechanical boxes are not as sensitive as the "automatic". Therefore, a lot of drivers are faced with "machines" failures. Such crates repair stations is limited.

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