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AVON advertisement. Today I will talk about AVON‘S. Markets Advertising on television online advertising Catalogues Outdoor advertising Celebrity brands. Markets. Avon is one of the world's largest direct-selling companies. Advertising on television. For a very. Today AVON advertising significantly improved since. Online advertising. Avon has its. Catalogues. In 1896 was released the first catalogue of products. Outdoor advertising. With flash mobs coast to coast in five cities. Avon billboard in New York. Avon have created.

Avon has its own website and it is published in many countries in different languages. What is more, Avon is advertised on Facebook.

In 1896 was released the first catalogue of products, and in 1897 was produced and sold as many as 100 companies products. AVON catalogue is now drastically changed since the days when it was released for the first time. It appeared more product, as well there are pictures and you can see how the products looks like.

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