Bakalauro darbas anglų kalba Delta oro linijos Delta Airlines

Introduction. External assesment. Macro economic trends. Demographic trends. Social and cultural trends. Political and governmental trends. Environmental trends. Technology trends. Competitive trends. Porter’s five forces model. Threat Of New Entrants. Threat Of Substitute. Bargaining Power Of Buyer. Bargaining Power Of Supplier. Rivalry Among Existing Competitors. Main opportunities and threats. Internal assesment. Business results over the past 5 years. Management. Planning. Organizing. Motivating. Staffing. Controlling. Marketing programs currently in use. Customer Analysis. Promotion. Product/Service. Price. Place. Research & development. Financial results. Strengths and weaknesses. New mission statement. Objectives. Financial. Non-financial. Strategy formulation. Strengths – weaknesses – opportunities – threats (swot matrixSwot analysis strategies. Boston consulting group matrix (bcgGrand strategy matrix. Strategy integration. Existing Strategies. New Strategies. Strategy evaluation. Delta Air Lines. Critical risk issues. Summary. Sources used to acquire information about the company. Reference.

“Delta Air Lines” is one of the major airlines of The United States. It exists already for a long time and had a enormous changes during its history. Company ranks 4th in America, what holds it between rest of the giants like “Virgin”, “JetBlue”, etc. (, 2013).

“Delta Air Lines” created 1924 May 30th started as “Huff Daland Dusters”, company providing crop dusting services. After 4 years of operations Collett E. Woolman have bought the company and changed its name to “Delta Air Services”. Founder of the company was an aviation pioneer, who was born in Bloomington, Indiana in 1889. He graduated from University of Ilinois with a B.A. of agriculture, which was the reason for his purchase. Since C.E. Woolman realized that this is seasonal business the upcoming year brought him idea of flying passengers (, 2013). By now organization grew significantly. “Delta Air Lines” headquarter is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Company “provides scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo throughout the US and around the world. Delta and the DeltaConnection carriers offer service to about 330 destinations in nearly 65 countries on six continents” (MarketLine, 2013). An airline belongs to SkyTeam Alliance along with other well-known companies all around the world. Just like from the first day company is constantly growing. According to InterVistas lead consultant Zach Mensen “Delta Air Lines” has the strategies of: “Hub optimization of Atlanta and Memphis hubs, Improved network contribution of Delta’s domestic flying and fleet optimization between mainline and regional aircraft” (Strategic planning for airlines, 2013). “Delta Air Lines” have official plans to buy 40 more Airbus aircrafts and it also have just bought refrigerated storage unit for a temperature-sensitive goods they move (MarketLine, 2013).

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