Battle of luxury cars

Dream cars take Mercedes Benz to top of luxury chart. BMW unveils dynamic 2016 7 Series flagship sedan. Audi Considering Ultra-Luxury A8 to Fight Mercedes-Maybach. References.

Mercedes Benz is leader of the luxury cars ir the world with their own Mercedes Benz Maybach models. It is the most luxurie type of vehicle which was started to sale in 2013 and till now no body made better car than Mercedes Benz. At 2015 the sales of model Maybach s600 where jumped to the 57%. The main reason why this car became popular all other the world - the „The Dream class portfolio“. This model has all new generation operations which makes this car on top of luxurious. Few other companies trying to compare with Mercedes Benz, but director says, that for Mercedes – this is not the end.

BMW are creating new, sixth generation luxury 7 sieries sedan witch will compere with legendarious Mercedes Benz Maybach. Companie said, new BMW will have many new functions which will give car higher luxurious level. Such things like wireless phone charging, ability control menu wth hand gestures, independant parking and other new things. The Europian models will be more developed then US models. But in the nearest future will have simillar options like EU models.

Audi Considering Ultra-Luxury A8 to Fight Mercedes-Maybach

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