Be a pro presenter

Be a pro presenter. Yes , words are important. In general , I believe that body language. Also , very important is eye contact. Tone of voice. Don't use filler words. Besides , your posture. Due to the fact that there are three types of people visual , auditory and kinesthetic. Speaking about examples. Speaker’s barriers and mistakes.

Presentations, speeches is very popular way to share the information with the audience, especially at schools and universities. Goal of presentation can be several types as to inform, persuade, inspire or just entertain the audience.

Speaking about the ways how to interest the audience we should know that then you are presenting something, the words isn‘t the only factor that can intrigue people. Yes, words are important, I mean you should try to formulate your message precisely and clearly as it is possible. Hovewer, in this case not what are you saying but how do you do that is more powerful because very often body language can say more than words.

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