Bendravimas telefonu pagal etiketą anglų kalba

Information Technology today only etiquette can save human freedom , because now we are available anytime, anywhere. First you need to know when and who you can to call. Rude to disturb the human earlier than 8 hours and later than 21 hours. (of course , except for emergency cases ). We can make and if we have agreed on the call. Factual issues call the office during working hours. Calling to a mobile phone would be polite to ask if the other person can talk. If you respond to the call for public transport , we should apologize and call him later rude enforce others listen though not personal conversation. " Response by work phone you need to tell the company name ( it includes advertising company! ) , your office , first or last name and greet.
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  • Bendravimas telefonu pagal etiketą anglų kalba
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