Benefits of speech recognition

What is speech recognition software? Benefits of Speech Recognition Software. Speech recognition in business. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Interaction. Speech recognition in medicine. Speech recognition for those who have physical disables. Speech recognition in daily life. Training air traffic controllers. Conclusion.

You can talk to your computer and command him what action to perform. Speech recognition software which converts vibrations in the air made by vocal chords to a code that computer can understand. This technology made us move one step further, by increasing our productivity.

In office people use voice to type.Additionaly software type words without any mistakes. You just need to be dictated into the microphone and with a few changes it is ready to be used. Elder or people with a poor typing with a keyboard skills can use this system as their main input method.

In medicine voice input is not used widely, but in some years it might be. Speech recognitions allows, doctors to have more face to face time with a patient, then they dont have to do as much paper work. When a doctor is using voice as an input method the documentation is instantly available on the computer network, so it increases productivity.

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  • Benefits of speech recognition
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