Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger.

Naturally prevalent in Asia, including more than half of the tigers live in India. This forest and jungle gyventojai. Tigras - solitary animal Hunting day and night. Bright and dark stripes coat helps camouflage them well and get close enough to the victims. Crouching towards hunting prey or attacking it from ambush. Can knock down a large head. Typical of his food - deer and goats, but some tigers, especially old or injured, attacked man. By comparison, his jaws almost twice stronger than a lion sukandimą. Šiuo during the remaining six tiger subspecies have already disappeared yet 3. Extinct saber-toothed tigers were not a subspecies of tiger, independent and panther (Panthera), the genus, but there was a separate cat (Felidae) family of extinct Smilodons (Smilodon) tribes.

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  • Bengal Tiger
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