Biggest pollution in the world

Pollution skaidres. Pollution rasinys. The world biggest problems skaidres.

Biggest and most dangerous pollutions in/of the world. What is pollution? Pollution is usually caused by. Main types of pollution. Most dangerous types of environmental pollution. World's biggest polluters. Most polluted countries. Lithuanians examples.

Water pollution (largest part from sewage contaminating watercourses); Air pollution (car transport emissions, factories, poor ventilation systems); Highway vehicles and shipping; Photochemical (smog); Radioactive (from inadequate nuclear safety); Light; Noise (but it is transient and environmental is free of it).

The ideal level of pollution is the level at which the marginal costs to society of polluting equal the marginal benefits to society that come from polluters producing goods and services.  Without some degree of regulation, corporations will not take all marginal social costs into account, and will thus produce at a level that is excessively damaging to the environment.

Peru: The Grass is Never Greener (The environmental problems in Peru include deforestation, soil erosion also soil, water and air pollution ).

Ignalinos nuclear power plant (was closed 2 years ago because of it dangerous in the world).

Orlen Lithuania (oil producer company) Achema (The largest nitrogen fertilizer and other industrial chemical products in the country and the largest plant of its kind in the Baltic countries). Lithuanian power plant.

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  • Biggest pollution in the world
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