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Aleksandro Stulginskio university EFF. Content. History. Activity. Production. Rasa. Aras. Thai. Amberis. Ecodenta. Thank you for listening to me.

The company was established in 1988. The headquaters is in Vilnius at Žarijų street. The company is managed by general manager- Linas Čereška. Today company controls 6 trademarks: Margarita, Rasa, Aras, Ecodenta, Thai and Amberis.

Margarita is the oldest existing trademark of Lithuanian beauty products. In autumn of 2010 was introduced the first line of ecological products – “Margarita”.

The brand "Rasa" includes more than 50 cosmetic products, cherishing your every day clothes - face, body and hair.

ARAS is the first trademark of Lithuanian cosmetics for men.

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