Board of directors

Finance Director. An  account manager . Marketing directors. Sales management . Production director. General manager . Personnel  director. Training managers. Purchasing director. Supply / Services managers. Planning director. An operations manager. History of International Enterprises Ltk IEL.

History of International Enterprises Ltk (IEL)

IEL was founded in 1995 by Romas Rackauskas, near Vilnius. In 2004 a new branch was opened in Vilnius, and in the same ear the first foreign order was completed. In 2005 the enterprise was closed and all the equipment and machinery were shipped to the West. In 2010 it became a self- managing establishment. Its foreign business started flourishing again.

The management hopes to penetrate some international markets in the near future. This has become the driving force of the enterprise. To develop furniture production. This will lead to increases in profits and earnings. The enterprise sells its productions to seven countries in West Europe, but it intends to expand towards the East.

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