Body massage Case Study

Client Profile. Reason for Treatment. Treatment Plan. Treatment 1 02. Details of the treatment. Details how client felt during and after the treatment. Homecare Advice. Reflective Practise. Treatment 2 07 10 Details of the treatment. Treatment 3 14. Deep Abdominal Breathing Exercises. Treatment 4 21. Overall Conclusion.

Paula Hehir- 21 years old, student. She is studying full time in a college and has to do daily homework. Her study’s are very intense and she feels very tired and worn out at the moment. Paula also works in a salon on Saturdays. Her duty’s are to assist beauty therapist and to carry out some beauty treatments, also to help with cleaning and customer care.

Most of the weekends Paula is socialising with her friends and her boyfriend, so she is not getting enough sleep. At the moment she has to prepare for her upcoming exams and she feels hard to concentrate and gets headaches so often. Her stress levels are 5-6 from 10, when she is in a college and 4-5,when she is at work.

Paula isn’t exercising at all, she used to walk before, but now she hasn’t time for that, even to walk her dog, her sister helping her with that.

Her diet contains lots of fast food and fuzzy drinks, because she usually gets quick lunches in a college, such as crisps and coke, also eats a few chocolate bars a day. She drinks 1-1.5 litre of water a day.

Paula is suffering from back pain at the moment, which possibly is from her incorrect posture sitting all day. She also feels stiff on her shoulders, ankles and wrists. She thinks that massage would help her to reduce pains and will help to relax, also improve her blood circulation.

To help client relax her back muscles and prevent from pains, to improve blood circulation and to increase joints mobility on her wrists and ankles.

Four full sessions of Holistic body massage, concentrating on clients problematic areas. I’ll concentrate on lower back, because client has bad posture from sitting all day, also will spend extra time to massage Paula’s wrists and ankles to increase joints mobility.

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