Boeing 777x presentation

Boeing 777-9x. Slides content. Introducing the 777X. 777X New engines. 777X revolutionary wings. New enhanced 777X Cabin. The most advanced Flight Deck ever. Future customers of 777X. Boeing 777-9X technical preferences. Thank you for your attention.

Introduction Engines Wings Cabin Flight deck Main customers Technical spec.

New Powerful thinner aerodynamic fan-blades Better and improved overall aerodynamics of components of engine Ceramic parts that are heat resistant and more fuel efficient The best air compression technology so far.

Foldable wings technology to fit in airports The widest wings in commercial airliner Wingspan In-flight - 235 feet 5 inches (71.8 meters) Wingspan Folded (on ground) - 212 feet 8 inches (64.8 meters) Better aerodynamics therefore way more fuel efficient.

From 390 to 420 passengers depending on cabin layout Wider cabin Larger windows New lighting New design and architecture Twin-aisle.

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  • Boeing 777x presentation
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