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Book report “saving private ryan”. Introduction. Summary. Robert rodat.

This story contains only a single book. This story is set in Europe of 1944. This book is about a soldier private Ryan and the group of other soldiers which had to find Ryan and get him home, because his three brothers died in war. They found him, but he didn’t wanted to go and leave troops which had to defend a bridge with him, so they all had to stay in a final battle against Nazis.

The end of this book was really satisfying. When the soldiers where almost dead, the reinforcement arrived and saved the rest of soldiers, including Ryan. A lot of soldiers died in that battle, but they died fighting for freedom. I recommend this book, because it is really interestin to read.

“Saving private Ryan” is a novel written by Robert Rodat. It’s about the soldiers which are fighting for the freedom against Nazis and are showing their bravery. I recommend this book for people who like books about war.

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