Brainstorm UKCCA report

Brainstorm Consultants LTD. The Research Findings. What age group they belonged in. On their own. With a partner. If they have heard of the Carnival Arts Centre before. If they have ever attended an event at the Carnival Arts Centre. 00 – 20. If they were employed or unemployed. They worked on a full time or part time basis. If they would be interested in visiting a Carnival Arts Cafe’. Circle the selected activities that they find interest in. 23 year olds.

We sampled a total of 100 students, 54 of them being males and 46 of them females. In order to find out the general age of the population, we asked them the obvious question of what age group they belonged in? Overwhelmingly, 84% of the students who were sampled were within the ages of 18-23 years.

It is well known that students in education openly welcome the right of freedom, which is why a social life is so important to them. Because of this, we asked the sample if they would prefer to go out on their own, with a partner or in groups. Over half of the population stated that they would prefer to go out in groups. Another large portion of the sample said that they would prefer to go out with a partner.

Brainstorm Consultants LTD are well aware that the UKCCA are aspiring to increase the daytime attendance of students from the University, but we are also aware that students are not likely to visit a place that they are unfamiliar. Because of this we asked the sample Results show that 74% of the population have already heard of the Carnival Arts Centre, whereas only 26% had not yet heard of it. The results also showed that more males than females have heard of the Carnival Arts Centre.

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