Brake system maintenance and repair

Ntroduction. Body of the text. Brake discs (drums) and pad replacement. Replacing brake hoses. Changing the brake calipers. Replacing the brake cylinder. One of the hydraulic braking system - hydraulic brake cylinders. Conclusions. Resources.

Car brake system allows a safe stop the motion of the car, reducing its speed or maintain a parked car in a stable position under various conditions. From the arresting quality and efficiency depends on the car and dynamic performance. The higher quality and efficient as possible to stop the motion of the car quickly, safely and at higher speeds it can go.

The brake system must be checked regularly, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer's operating instructions. In the event of the slightest inaccuracy - necessary brake repair. Overdue technical aptranavimas brake and brake repair faulty influences car braking. Often due to corrosion damaged brake caliper sliding parts, uneven surface of the disc brake pads stops at all of their area. Timely unaltered brake fluid, corroded or split connecting the hydraulic brake system components under extreme braking conditions can "fell through" brake footboard.

Brake repair and replacement of parts of the brake includes:

brake pads (pads) change;

Disc brakes effectively prevents vehicles than stabdžiai.Kai drum braking requires to achieve greater deceleration installed disc brakes and rear.

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