Brett Halliday Mike Shayne. Marked for murder.

This is about mike’s shayne’s (he was a private detective)cases and adventures. The book is one of the collection of stories about mike’s shayne’s job. The first time this book was published in. And i think that action goes on at sixties. The story begins in the office of the courier-one of the biggest newspaper in miami. Young journalist timothy rourke investigated one case of the three murders (for the newspaper of course). He hadn’t good relations with police and especially with the chief of police peter painter. So rourke rummaged by his own methods:he looked for information everywhere,aspecially on the street. Timothy rourke suspected one of the richiest and influential man in miami who had few clubs-casinos. So timothy rourke was writing about that for a week. He made a big and very sharp stuff about events during that week in the city. He scold police because no arrests had been made. Rourke warned citizens about the crime wave which could flood the city anytime,anyday. He named some suspects which held high posts.
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  • Brett Halliday Mike Shayne. Marked for murder.
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