British eitiquette

British etiquette. How to eat. When eating, bring the fork or spoon to the mouth. Face to face. Introductions. If you are. Handshakes. A firm handshake. Form of Greeting. In Britain the handshake is the common form of greeting. In most houses in Britain, the door are usually kept closed. Visiting. During Birthday and Christmas celebrations. Gift Giving Etiquette. Good manners. Queuing. Queuing is a unique part of the British culture. The Brits are. Punctuality. Call even if you will be 5 minutes later than agreed. If invited to a person’s house for dinner. Dining Etiquette. If invited to. Generally the. Making Friends. Tipping is not. Tipping. It is impolite to stare at people in public places. How to Behave in Public Places. The Brits say thank you a lot, even for minor things. Thank you/ I’m Sorry/ Please. Thanks for watching.

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