British religion

Skaidres apie margaret thatcher. Britain skaidrės.

British religion. Objectives. Focal questions. Procedures. Contents. People. Teaching hours. English language. Class structure. British identity. Way of life. Tourism and recreation. Festivals and holidays. Religious holidays. Christmas. Christmas celebration. Special british christmas traditions. National holidays. Saint patricks day. Halloween. Food and drinks. Light breakfast. Dinner for lunch. Lunch fish and chips. Tea time. Evening meals. Sporting activities. Arts. British media. Division of media. The uk television. The main channels. Television viewing in britain. The bbc (british broadcasting corporation). The division of programmes. British favourite tv shows. The brief history of british radio. The most popular british radio stations. The division of newspapers. The circulation of national newspapers. The most important newspapers. Some of british tabloids. Periodicals in britain. Marriage. Social contact. Conservatism and temperament. Privacy. Who's who. Isaac newton. Early life. Newton and optics. Physics. Newton’s legacy. Writings by newton. Lifetime.
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  • British religion
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