Building materials

Building materials. Main properties of building materials. Common physical properties. Mechanical properties of building materials. Ultimate strength (stiprumo riba). And safety factor of building materials. Compressive, tensile and. Bending strength of building materials. Novel techniques, which allow non-destructive. Testing of building materials for strength. Hardness. Abrasion resistant. (diliumas). Wear resistance. Impact strength. Elasticity. (standumas, tamprumas). Plasticity. Brittleness. Building materials from natural rock. Common information and classification of rocks. Basic rock-forming minerals. Igneous rocks. Sedimentary rocks. Mechanical deposits. Cemented mechanical sedimentary rocks. Chemical deposits. Organic rocks. Metamorphic rocks. Stone mining and working. Items from slag melts. Ceramic building materials. Common information and classification. Raw materials for manufacture of ceramic items. Clay and its properties. General production slow sheet for ceramic building materials. Classification of ceramic items. Properties of clay bricks and ceramic stones. Light weight building bricks. Ceramic stones or blocks. Curved clay bricks. Clinker’s bricks for roads. And street surfaces. Paper – mounted glazed and unglazed. Ceramic ties for facades. Ceramic slaks for facades. Ceramic tiles for interior facing. Ceramic floor tiles. Clay roof tiles. Sewer and drainage ceramic pipes. Ceramsite. Agloporite. Refractory materials. Glass and other building materials from mineral melts. Classification. Raw materials for glass. Properties of glass. Flat glass. Other items from glass. Materials items from cast stone and slag melts. Items from cast stone. Materials and items for slag melt. Mineral binders. Classification. Air-setting binding materials. Gypsum binding materials. Anhydrite cement. Estrich gypsum. (high burnt gypsum). Magnesian binding materials. Acid-resistant cement. Building (air-hardening) lime. (statybinės orinės kalkės). Raw materials. Manufacture. Slaking of lime. Ground unslaked lime. Properties of building lime. Hydraulic-setting binding materials. Classification. Hydraulic lime. Roman cement. Portland cement. Concretes. Definition and classification. Heavy concrete. Properties of concrete mixes. Strength’s properties of hardened concrete. Other kinds of strength. Designing (choosing) of composition of heavy concrete mixes. Preparation and transportation of concrete mixes. Placing and compacting of concrete mixes and curing of concr
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