Business communication in Denmark

Denmark. Vilnius. Denmark is a Nordic country and a sovereign state. Humour. Humour is another. Music. Denmark is also known for its many music festivals. Hygge. 'Hygge' is an important element of the Danish culture. Sports. Danes love sport. Alcohol. In Denmark you. Face-to-face communication. Communication with the Danes is generally informal and marked by humor and goodwill. Communication Pattern. Danes are fluent speakers but calm and low voiced. Behavior at Meetings and Negotiations. Danes are among the most congenial of nationalities. Maners and Taboos. Danes are generally very hospitable and congenial, quickly creating trust and confidence. Handshakes. Handshakes (with men. Business relationship. There are no formal requirements for the formation of a contract. Danish business introductions are a formal and solemn exchange.

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  • Business communication in Denmark
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