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Anglų aprašymas. Definition communication. Business communication. So , why does appropriate communication tinkamas bendravimas is so important in business. And successful communication is useful for the organization , because. Business communication is divided into two parts INTERNAL and EXTERNAL. Internal communication. External communication. Keys to Effective Communication. Give your attention. Listen , not just hear. Don't let your mind wander. Check for accuracy. Be aware of other's needs. Ask , don't tell - demonstrate equality. Keep an open mind. Offer advice , don't give advice. Develop trust. Develop comfortable relations. Motivate others. Keep a sense of humor.

(4) Effective communication is very important in business, because organizations success and staff satisfaction depend on it.

(5) So, why does appropriate communication (tinkamas bendravimas) is so important in business?

So, these statements describe the importance of a good and effective business communication.

(6) And successful communication is useful for the organization, because:

Effective work; - If there is good communication in organization, work is done effectively , because the employees are willing to communicate with each other and share the information.

Management options (valdymo galimybės); - All the work is done by the deadlines, all information is transmitted and received on time.

Motivation; - Good internal organization communication gives employees motivation to work.

Promoting teamwork (komandinio darbo skatinimas); – Good internal communication improve relations between employees and then form a strong and good team, which can work effectively.

Employees involved in the management of the organization; (darbuotojų dalyvavimas organizacijos valdyme) -

(7) Business communication is divided into two parts: INTERNAL and EXTERNAL.

Therefore, internal communication is the exchange of information within the company. And in this process are included all, for example, employees from different levels, heads, and also very often the information that is related to work is shared with family members.

Internal communication improves organization’s environment and creates a positive organizational climate. Also, we know that internal communication can be formal and informal. For example, informal organization communication is through a range of parties, events or the staff drinking coffee together.

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