Business etiquette in USA

Business etiquette in USA. Contents. Dress code Gifts Shaking hands Small talk Topics to avoid Body language Helpful hints. Dress code. The appropriate clothing for business varies widely. Men Socks should. Women Do not overdress for daytime or wear flashy or noisy jewellery. Tattoos should be hidden under clothing when possible. Gifts. Contrary to. Shaking hands. American greetings are generally quite informal. Although it is expected in business situations. Stand while being. Small talk. While you might. Topics to avoid. Certain topics are. Body language. Keep your distance. Holding the middle finger up by itself is considered insulting and vulgar. If you feel uncomfortable with a question asked of you, simply smile and say. Americans conduct business over breakfast. Never begin eating until everyone is served and your hosts have begun. Conclusion. All in all. Thank you very much for your attention.
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  • Business etiquette in USA
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