Business form (Business Law)

Business Firms. Governs transactions between business entities. Commercial law. International Commercial Law. Commercial Entity Firms. Business line. Products they produce. Legal status. Factors of being commercial business Exceeding the limits of craftmans. Aiming to gain income. Perform activities continuously. Perform activities independently. Properties of business entities Movable Immovable These properties integral parts Trade name , trade mark and name of entities. Centre of business entity. Branch offices. Business affair. How to determine affair is commercial or no. Affair acts that is related with business firm. Presumption of Commercial Law. Commercial Agreement which one of the Parties are Trader. For exp. Commercial norms. The Order of the Commercial Norms. Imperative provisions of codes. Contractual norms. Commercial customary law. General common law. The importance in these cases are if there is a commercial code law first it shall be applied’.

1.Natural person traders- person who administer business entity partially or totally in his name. Factors of natural person traders: Business entity it must have it. Exception:if someone behaves as he has a business entity and gets into transaction as he has business entity he will be accepted as traders. A business entity only having isn’t enough it must operate it also. Exept: if it isn’t operating but person mentions to the good-will holders that the company is functioning he who mention this will be responsible as trader. Operating business entity on behalf of his name if you are operating company on someone else you are not a trader. If worker is operating it he is still not trader because its not an his name . On what name it is written that is responsible as trader. If a company is beng functioning on behalf of miner (till 18years) company isn’t a trader.

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