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Anglų referatas. Location of Our Club “Chill”. Description of Business. Management plan. Records system and controls. Capital and Earnings. Product strategy. Swot analysis. Strenghts. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. Expenses. Payments for advertasing. Payments for personnel. Establishment Expenses. Economic risks. Human error risk.

It is a night club. It will enter entertainment market in Vilnius. It will provide entertainment, dance nights ,drinks (water, juice, soda drinks) and alcohol drinks (shots, cocktails, wine and beer) and snacks (fruits, vegetable salats, cheese and fish). It will provide services such as music, comfortable places to sit or lay down, restroom. It‘s main difference from other entertainment clubs is that this club will be as coasy as home, and will imitate a luxury household. It‘s nontraditional activities will be theme parties such as pyjama‘s, halloween, christmas, humour stand up nights and it will be possible to rent it for a birthday or other kind of holiday.

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