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Executive summary. Description of business. Vision and Mission statements. Management. Organizational structure. Legal Structure. Small community enterprise taxes. Ownership Structure. Review of principal competitors. Plan of growth. Year I Marketing plan. Marketing objectives. Marketing strategies. Market research. Target market. Target market size. Market segmentation. Marketing mix. Brand name. Products functioning principle. Benefits of product. Pricing. Distribution channels. Marketing Communications. Sales. Marketing research program. Marketing budget. The action program for one year. Costs. Year I operations plan. Creation of “SMiK”. Production. Advertisment. Location. External Service Providers. Year I-III Financial plan. Income Statements. Cash Flow statement. Balance sheet. Financial strategy. Critical risk factors. Critical risk factors for ,,SMiK”. SWOT. The marketing environment. Social-cultural. Economical. Political. Year I Milestone Schedule. Appendixes.

“SMiK” is an innovative anti-energy soft drink producer in Lithuania.

Main part of “SMiK” business is to produce anti-energy drink and find partners in the sales. There is no similar function drink in Lithuania. This product will be an ideal solution for Lithuanian people who suffer from insomnia of other sleeping problems.

“SMiK” target market consists of young, active, workers, students, athletes people 16-30 years of age with the uncertain action or lack of time caused sleep problems or required unplanned rest.

“SMiK” will work on brand name building, to create recognition. We will promote by using modern communication techniques together with traditional ones (leaflets, the internet, radio, web site). The main communication message, which we will try to achieve our customer: „When you having bad sleep , drink „SMiK“ and feel asleep“.

We decided that the most profitable to sell SMiK at major shopping centers (Maxima, Rimi, "IKI", "Norfa), as well as gas stations (Statoil, Lukoil, Orlen). Latter there are the opportunity to expand into another selling places.

SMiK financial analysis shows very favorable financial results. Revenue for the first year will be around Lt9,187,500.0 with the profit of around Lt6,323,344.00. Cash flow is always positive.

With the startup capital of 1.355.860Lt, SMiK will become successful business with opportunity to expand into neighboring countries.

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