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Recent trends and best practice initiatives driven by port actors/stakeholders/customers. To assess the key trends in the container and ferry markets in UNECE region. Estimated containerized cargo flows on major trade routes (million TEU). We are witnessing. Felixstowe. Sustainability. In relation to. Suggest possible outcomes. UK has a. Over 20. 5 million tonnes of seaborne tonnage were transported between Ireland and the UK. Strengths One of the. Opportunities One of the. Period of uncertainty. The European Commission.

We are witnessing is a significant growth in container ship fleets to respond to the growth in this area of transport. Between 1987 and 2008, not only has the number of vessels increased, up to four times as many, but also and significantly the capacity of the fleet has grown to over ten times the size in just eleven years.

It is estimated that there will be a 250% increase in the use of cargo travelling to and from the ports or by rail in 2020.

The British government in 2008 published a strategic plan for freight transport and logistics. This plan followed the EU Action Plan principles for Freight Transport and Logistics. This plan has taken on board the importance of strategic transport corridors in relation to freight movement and it identified fourteen strategic national corridors for Britain.

Duisburg, an inland port on the river Rhine, has successfully attracted short sea vessels and also waterway barges.

In relation to environmental issues more understanding and research is required to measure and act on potential issues surrounding CO2 emissions Under current forms of assessment the use of waterborne modes or rail provide the best chance for efficiency and sustainability.

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