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Verslo verslo planas. Contents. Summary. Introduction. Business Information. The situation in the market. Business idea. Objectives Of The Company. Marketing Plan. Club I&E marketing environment. Customer. Swot. Competitors. Service. Price policy. Sales strategy. Promotion. Sales prediction. Club facilities. Equipment. Suppliers. Customer Service. Risk assessment. Risk reduction. Financial needs and resources. Conclusions. Sources.

Business plan aims to describe and calculate the nightclub foundation options, and then set up a nightclub in Visaginas I & E, which would be a major youth and unexpected entertainment and leisure place, and expand the town of Visaginas entertainment market, which is currently quite narrow. Prior to the establishment of the club need to assess the market, set business goals, mission, define a business idea, to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of business, perform a SWOT analysis.

Night club is located in the city center, shopping center "Domina". This is a basic, well-known shopping and entertainment center, so the club will be noticeable and easily accessible, not only locals, but also the guests. It is planned to rent the premises. Prior to that, these rooms were equipped with a cafe and pizzeria, so it will require less space and repairing finishes. They will go to 28100 Lt. There will also be purchased equipment, which cost about 52100 Lt.

For the business to be successful, the company will pay great attention to staff and service users to minimize any complaints and attract more potential customers. Expected quite high consumer interest, because during the competitive analysis and reviewed the situation in Visaginas market showed that similar services are not many competitors.

As well as the preparation of a business plan it is important not only to define and describe a business idea, analyze your options and needs, resource needs, but also to assess the risk and to reflect on the sources of funding to carry out all the necessary financial calculations which provide a more accurate picture of the business opportunities and potential profits.

Business Plan - a document which sets out clearly and convincingly business idea essence, characterizes the operating state of the company, provides strategy and future prospects, projected results. Business people who are effectively build a business or develop an existing one, it must be well planned, planning to choose the right strategy. It is necessary to know precisely what was expected, therefore, requires a detailed business plan, the business idea into reality.

The preparation of the business plan needs some experience with knowledge and information, while avoiding the mistakes must be good to reflect on everything, consult. The key is to know and to formulate specific goals, choose the right priorities, provide milestone and choose suitable alternatives.

To engage in some kind of activity, it is necessary to examine in depth the market and only then predict its performance. Emerging company goals and objectives must be clear and precise.

It should first ascertain whether the business idea a reality, whether it is the future, and whether they will profit entrepreneur. In order to prepare the business plan.

The business plan drawn up to help highlight the aspects of business, under the leadership of helpful, but the most important task - to private investors his idea to bring foreign creditor and try to expand your business beyond the borders of Lithuania. Lithuania is currently increasing supply and demand becomes entertainment business. Create a nightclub led to this kind of poor service offerings in Visaginas, and the poor and not the maximum satisfaction of the customer's wishes.

To create a business plan for the activity selected, along with detailed analysis and the necessary financial calculations.

Analyze market activity selected;

Describe in detail the generated business goals, business idea and mission;

To analyze the development of the company's marketing and organizational plan;

At the moment there are not many places in Visaginas where young people and older people to spend their leisure time. Running only a few sparsely visited the small bars, a nightclub and a bowling alley. In the evenings, especially in the winter, people are forced to sit at home, while in the other cities, people are often decide to spend thier free time and relax in bars and restaurants, and it has already become an integral part of life. Visaginas, as provincialiem city, the market is not overflowing with entertainment, so new nightclub credibility with great attention not only of Visaginas, but also the surrounding villages and towns of the population.

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