Bussines plan

Business name. Description of business. Form of business ownership. Ideal customer. Our advantages. Ethical issues. Social responsibility. Global issues. Mission statement. Business goals.

My travel company will be a company which organize a travel for all people ages. Every person who wants to travel could make a travel plan by self. It's mean that a client's choose a objects, notes a place where they wants to visit, what they wanna do, eat, drink and other subjects.

I want that my clients would be all ages of people. I want that all clients who comes in my company will have a own trip imagine and could tell for us what they really wants.

My company organize a travel there where people want to go. Maybe some older people want to relax, go to the museums, maybe in a opera theatre or listening symphony. The youngest clientes could choose a trip where they can spend they time extremely, maybe some danger or go to the music festival.

Make that all workers work conditions will be good, will receive a good salary. All clients could to express all their grievances and will be taken into account.

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