Cadillac history

Cadillac history.

Hello everyone, let me just start by introducing myself. As I think all of you already know, my name is Dovile and I am going to present Cadillac Eldorado history from it's basics. By the end of think talk I hope you will be familiar with the main futures of Cadillac Eldorado model and it's roots. This shouldn't take more than 10 minutes and there will be time for questions after my presentation. To begin with I'd like to tell you what's in a name.

Postwar Cadillac vehicles innovated many of the styling features that came to be synonymous with the classic American automobile, including tailfins, wraparound windshields, and extensive exterior and interior bright-work, what I meant was chrome and polished stainless steel. The driver's (left) side fin housed the gasoline filler neck under the taillight. Also, the "Autronic Eye" was introduced, which would automatically dim the high-beam headlamps for the safety of oncoming motorists. Later Eldorado offered a 'memory seat' function, allowing seat positions to be saved and recalled for different drivers.

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