Car engine power increase

Content. Introduction. Car engine power settings. Car engine power correction methods. Increase mehods. Engine air inflation. The distribution camshaft replacment. Microprocessor settings change. Car engine power correction advantages. Car engine power correction methods disadvantages. Conlusion. Resource.

In this essay will be examinating the importance of engine power., parameters and available engine power increase metods. Also oportunities of choosing these methods, their advantages and disadventages.

Since the internal combustion engine creation, the engine constructors are looking for ways to increase the engine power. These days modern technologies expands the oportunities to do it. Every driver almost evertyme likes push the gas pedal and ride with wind. When the engine produces more powers it is more enjoyable to drive.

So car speed oportunities leads his engine power. In 1999 years in Lithuania has started to be popular maximum car speed racing, which is called Drag racing. Each drag racing participant tried very hard to make his car much more powerful. But engine power increase is important not just for fans of extreme.

Engine powerful is one of the most important aspect when choosing car. The much more power, the higher maximum speed car can reach. Engine power is usually counting two sizes: kilowatts (kW) and horsepower (hp). In car technical passport this parameter is writing just kilowatts. Knowing engine power by kilowatts, to calculate how much horsepower it would be is easy because 1 kW is equal to 1, 36 hp. It is three ways to measure engine power: mechanical, hydraulic or electrical braking stand. This is carried out in relevant environment conditions: air pressure and 20 degree temperature. This engine aspect is defined when the fuel supply is being maximum. Reached proper revolution per minute, using braking stand engine is loaded maximum possible torque, all measuring time torque stays constant. Usually measuring starts from 1000 minutes. -1 to maximum rpm (revolution per minute) 2100-2400 minutes. -1, measuring relevant intervals, vents usually every 100 minutes -1. Connected given dots coordinates system, above rpm it is drawing power characteristic.

In Car dynamic it is important and torque. Torque is only power parameter, which driver can feel by himself. Driver switched car (which is without turbine) first gear and allowed to car to accelerate till engine seeks torque rush, than sharply pus gas pedal to maximum, will absolutely fell, how his back hits in to the car seat.

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