Car parking anglų dialogas

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A - Hey (name), great. You know.. summer is coming and it’s gettin’ really crazy. What about yours?

A - That’s true. So, tell me something about your life.

A - What? Really? It’s sounds like a bad news.

A - So this is mean that I’m one of them.

A - Look, if this car parking will be so large there wouldn't be free space for some walk in city centre. In my opinion this is so bad.

A - Because in our town will begin a traffic jam, traffic safety would drop down, besides, car parking will damage our town image. There is nothing good.

A - I heard some people are thinking about a protest.

A - But it will require a lot of work and say the true I don’t even know what we can do it.

A - Sound interesting. If you can, talk with him about the points a big protest.

A - It’s great! We also can invent a slogan or make bright and colorful placards with words, for example, “We Don’t Need Car Parking”.

A - I hope we will succeed. Okey, I have to go, my mom are waiting me for family dinner.

A - Me too, bye

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