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Cardiff offers all of the features and benefits of a capital city, at a low cost, compared not only to other capital cities in the UK, but to Core Cities in the UK. For a capital city the Cost of Living in Cardiff is exceedingly low. Property prices, council tax and general expenses all fall below the UK average. Wages are higher than the Wales average, meaning your income goes further and offers you a higher standard of living than in many other UK cities. Property Cardiff has been renowned for offering competitive house prices in comparison to other areas, in the UK, and the average property price in Cardiff is 54% cheaper than in London, and 10% cheaper than the UK average. Wages The mean gross weekly earnings in Cardiff are above that for Wales, and are only 1.6% below the UK average. As of 2008 gross weekly mean earnings for all residents of Cardiff in full-time employment were £440.00 per week, over £25.00 a week greater than the Welsh average. Living Costs Living costs in Cardiff depend on your location, employment and your circumstances. However, some costs in Cardiff are much lower than in other cities. For example, Cardiff was identified by a British Tourist Authority (BTA) survey as the cheapest capital city for nine years.

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