Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance. Cargo insurance is insurance type. Origin. Cargo insurance is one of the oldest types of insurance in the world. Types of insurance contracts. Under the scope. According to the. Value. Cargo insurance reduces the "Friction" in business. Insurance payment. Cargo insurance payment depends on a transport route. Market situation. M. Freight insurance gross written payment in the world amounted to. Thank you for your attention.

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Cargo insurance is one of the oldest types of insurance in the world. First cargo insurance contracts were signed between merchants trading with overseas partners or traveling through pirates often attacked in the desert areas. If you notice that the sinking of the ship can be lost all individual trader estate, merchants began to organize themselves into groups in order to share the risk among all the merchants in the case of loss of cargo.

Under the scope of the risks covered, there are two types of cargo insurance contracts: All risks insurance (cargo insured against all risks except those risks which are not listed in the cover non-insured events list). These risk insurance (cargo insured against risks turn out of events listed in the list).

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