Cars of future

Cars of future. Content. Cars of future. Types of fuel. Cars with nuclear fuel. Electric cars. Cars with solar battery. Cars with hydrogen fuel. Cars with air fuel. Advantages of future cars. Conclusion. Thanks for attention!

Cars of future Types of fuel Advantages of future cars Conclusion.

The cars progress every year. After creation of the first car (1770) passed some centuries, but the car as well as other human inventions constantly progress. In the near future people will refuse traditional fuel and will use fuel from the renewing sources, there is predicted that cars will be able to fly, swim and even to dive...

Solar energy Nuclear fuel Electricity Hydrogen Air.

The model was created in 1950 but never carried out in reality luggage carrier - a nuclear reactor problems: it is necessary to guarantee the safety, to construct the small nuclear reactor and also it is necessary to solve the radiation and ecology problems.

It seems that electric cars will absolutely change traditional cars in 2025.

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