Central and Commercial banks in Lithuania

Central and commercial banks in Lithuania. Bank of Lithuania. The Bank of Lithuania is the central bank of the Republic of Lithuania. Mission, vision, values. The mission of the Bank of Lithuania is to bring benefits to society. Strategic directions. In light of the Bank of Lithuania mission. International relations. The bank closely. Functions. Monetary policy Financial stability. Commercial bank in Lithuania - Swedbank. Swedbank is one of the leading banks in the Nordic and Baltic region. Purpose and values. Swedbank’s operations are. Services. Their services for.

In light of the Bank of Lithuania mission, vision and values, the Board of the Bank of Lithuania identified five strategic directions for the upcoming 4 years. Specific objectives were set for each strategic direction: 1) become a center of excellence in economics and finance 2) become a financial sector partner, promoting innovation and sustainable growth 3) create a competitive and advanced payments market in Lithuania 4) enhance application of financial asset investment strategies 5) be one of the top three most efficient central banks in the Nordic-Baltic region.

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  • Central and Commercial banks in Lithuania
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