Centralized world

Late technologies – the most important thing. Internet. Networks. Governmental institutions. Bank-financial systems. NATO. EC. Now we live in the age of information. Latest technologies develop every day and even every minute. It is very important for us. Now we can find the needed person in a very short time using e-mail, mobile technologies, paging system and others. Maybe the most important of them is Internet. It started in 1960 when some governmental organizations in US wanted to connect their systems in a very reliable net, that couldn’t be affected by war. Later it developed and now we have a big computer network all over the world. And as we have so many new technologies that are used to improve communication process we are talking about such scientific term as global village. There are no not accessible places in the world. So the distances now seem not to be so big like it looked hundred years ago. Then we can talk about centralized world. We can access almost every countries data base and know everything about it. We can talk to different people in teleconferencies as if we were sitting in one room. And that makes the world small.
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