Change management Team formation

The main factors that lead to successful team formation and performance. Executive summary. Introduction. Forming a team. Success factors of performance. Conclusion. Sources.

Teamwork is common and very important part of companies decision making and operating processes. Managers encounter dificulties while collecting team, motivating people and keeping them on high performance. People can be called team if they are dependent on each other, reach same goal, share information and values, have sufficient ammount of skills, needed for particular job to be acomplished in team.

Key factor of team performance are people. Team formation is a difficult and has to be done carefully. The goal of manager is to gather a team on his “bus” in that way, so he could have right people in the right seats of his bus and then all together can decide on destination – where to drive company, how to drive it and determine what they wand to reach.

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  • Change management Team formation
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