Charles I – a failure of absolutism?

Charles I – a failure of absolutism? Why was Charles I an unsuccessful absolutist monarch? Thinking about causes. Task read through the information. You need to highlight. Task Now use. Plenary.

Learning outcome: To understand the main events of Charles I’s reign.

Starter: Review your homework, and be ready to give your answers. Who did Charles inherit the throne from, and where was he king before this? How long was Charles king of England? What religion was Charles I and what religion was his wife? What religion was dominant in England at this time? (hard question) Find a picture of Charles I, if you are able, print it out and stick it onto your work. How long was the Civil War in England? How did Charles I die? CHALLENGE: Find an extra fact about Charles I that you believe it is important for us to know...

Charles inherited the throne of England from his father James I. James I had been king of Scotland before he was king of England (James VI).

Charles was a Protestant (Armenian) and his wife Henrietta Maria was a Catholic.

During the 17th century the dominant religion was Protestantism. A strict form of Protestantism called Puritanism had developed from the writings of Calvin which many in England and Scotland began to follow.

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  • Charles I – a failure of absolutism?
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