Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union

Law Fundamentals. And 32 Articles of “Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union”. Content. Preamble. Article 31 - Fair and just working conditions. Explanation. Source. Comment. Workers' rights and duties of safety and health at work. Fair employment contract and legal economic value. Employment contracts include. Employee wages. Article 32 - Prohibition of child labour and protection of young people at work. Explanation. Source. Comment. Persons under eighteen years of work. Conclusion. Resources.

The European Union's Charter of Fundamental Rights on 1 December 2009. The European Union has become a compulsory part of primary law. While the Charter codifies and interpreted by the European Union are guaranteed the fundamental rights, the Charter of the application is pretty significantly restricted. The Charter only applies when there is a threat to EU law. In some Member States, national courts and other authorities are faced only with national issues, they are not obliged to apply the provisions of the Charter, but should be based on national constitutional rules that guarantee basic human rights, and international human rights treaties, under which a Member State has accepted commitments.

In this work I will talk about 31 I chose these two points spontaneously. First of all I am going to describe 31 Article, write mainly things about it. In other part of work I present 32 Article and explain when or why minors can’t work.

Employees are required to carry out occupational safety and health regulatory requirements, and as far as possible to take care of other occupational safety and health. General obligations of employees to ensure the safety and health establishes rules of procedure. Specific responsibilities in protecting their employees and other workers' health and life sets occupational health and safety instructions, job descriptions and regulations. They must be given to existing and potential risks to health and safety factors, and tools for safe use apply.

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